15 November 2018

PRESS RELEASE: Judith O'Brien becomes Glantus CEO

DUBLIN & NYC - Maurice Healy, founder and chairman of technology firm Glantus, has announced the appointment of Ms. Judith O’Brien to the role of CEO. Ms. O’Brien has worked with the company for the past year as Head of Operations (EMEA). Before joining Glantus, Ms. O’Brien was CFO of Meta Compliance, a Northern Ireland-based cybersecurity company, and had previously worked with Mr. Healy as COO in Calyx, leading the floatation of that company on London’s AIM stock exchange.

Ms. O’Brien said:

What first attracted me to Glantus was the global uniqueness of its software. Immediately, I could see how much demand was out there for a data platform like ours. We have a superb team of technology innovators, and an impressive, truly international audience. It’s an exciting time to be ramping up.

Mr. Healy, who is based in the Glantus New York office, said:

We are delighted that Judith has accepted the position. Her experience as a leader in the software industry, growing and developing companies globally, makes her the ideal candidate for Glantus. This is a very important appointment, with an exciting year of growth and new business on the way.

*About Glantus: Glantus owns and develops a software platform that can integrate data from any source, including legacy and disorganised systems. The platform provides end-to-end features, including data integration, automation, visualisation and advanced analytics. Glantus has offices in Dublin and New York City.*

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