22 November 2018

Glantus Chief Data Officer on The Rise of The Customer Experience

As a consumer, there is no better feeling than when you experience an exceptional level of service or product. You know when it happens because you're almost surprised as it can be so rare..

However, this is something that is quickly changing. Due to the rise of seamless, on-demand services delivered by the likes of Netflix, Deliveroo and Uber – consumers have become used to interacting with brands in a certain way.

My favorites, are two brands that simplify the transaction between me (as a consumer) and them (as a service, product provider). Nespresso are a brand that almost died out in the 1980's but through innovation and a simplified approach, they are now a multi-billion dollar turnover business with more than 13,500 employees worldwide, compared to 331 in 2000.

A little known fact about Nespresso is that they were about to go bust in the 1980s until the company pivoted their business model to offer the machine and the coffee pods seperately to the high-end consumer market.

Most people are familiar with the Dollar Shave Club (you may remember this timeless commercial), there is a new razor brand on the market named BoldKing. Their offering is online only (can't buy them in store) and they provide a subscription service, where they effectively collect information about how often you shave so that they can predict when to replenish your blades.

To me, this is customer experience (Cx) at its best. A seamless online setup, a great product at a reasonable price and regular communications to ensure that I'm happy and to let me know of any new products that I might like (all around shaving).

They also work smart, if I haven't ordered in a while they will prompt me to say that I'm probably using an old razor or have got razors from somewhere else..in this case they'll send me a free offer that I'll receive with my next order. Simple stuff, but a great way to keep me engaged (and spending money!).

The ability to understand the behavior and habits of a consumer and be pro-active to these is key to the success of any organisation today.

The need for a great customer experience cannot be underestimated, and as a service or product provider this is the only way to guarantee a sustained relationship with customers in the age of on-demand. Good news spreads fast but with the advent of social media and review platforms like Tripadvisor, PriceCompare and Glassdoor - Bad news spreads even faster.

For any customer-facing organisation, technology should be at the forefront of your customer experience strategy - good customer service is no longer enough. It has to be personalised and optimised to exceed expectations so that customers become advocates. Advocates influence others and if you have enough of them, success is inevitable.

Glantus are helping organisations all over the world to transform their customer experience so that they are at the top of their game. If you're thinking about doing the same, we'd love to talk.

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