Dec 8 2020

Glantus Leads Industry with ISO Certification for Data Privacy

Glantus is one of the world’s first finance software companies to achieve ISO 27701 certification for Privacy Information Management

Dublin, Ireland, 8 December 2020 - Glantus today announced that the company has achieved certification for ISO 27701 for Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) making it one of the world’s first finance software companies to do so. This new information security standard helps organizations further protect privacy principles and our certification is a recognition of our industry leadership in privacy and security practices. Glantus has demonstrated that we embed those same principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability with the requirements for the protection of personally identifiable information (PII).

Leading global organizations trust Glantus with their data and it is important for us to demonstrate that our privacy and security controls are truly world-class. We recognized the importance of the new international standard and invested in the people and processes to be an early adopter.

Maurice Healy, Chief Executive Officer of Glantus.

Certification in ISO 27701 along with standards ISO 9001, ISO 27001 demonstrates Glantus compliance commitment to deliver excellence in quality, security, information privacy and security to world standards keep pace with the changing regulatory landscape

Information Security and Privacy Management have become even more important for our customers. These certifications show that Glantus takes quality and information security seriously and does as much as possible to reduce identified risks and manage them effectively to provide greater overall information security and privacy assurance for our customers.

The certification audit was completed with NQA, the leading global certification body that has certified organizations in over 90 countries. This was the first award of ISO 27701 to a finance software company by NQA. Customers benefit from the assurance that we comply with the best international standards and that we will continue to invest in protecting customer data.

The award of ISO 27701 certification recognizes that Glantus has achieved all the requirements of the standard for establishing industry best practice privacy controls. Their early commitment to the standard demonstrates industry leadership in supporting data privacy.

Nick Wright, Managing Director NQA, UK

ISO 27701:2019 is a data privacy extension to ISO 27001:2013. This newly published information security standard guides organizations looking to put in place systems to support compliance with GDPR and other data privacy requirements. It reduces risk to privacy rights and to the organization by enhancing our existing ‘gold standard’ Information Security Management System – ISO 27001. While more than 60,000 organizations worldwide have certified to date to ISO 27001, only a small group of leading companies have certified to the new ISO 27701.

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