Mar 20 2019

Glantus Achieves 98.9% Customer Satisfaction in 2018

The Glantus team’s dedication to personalised, quality service has paid off this year - with all the numbers now crunched, we’re very pleased to announce that our Helpdesk and Service Delivery staff have delivered an amazing 98.9% overall satisfaction rate with our customers, well over 90% in every quarter for the year.

Our Helpdesk Team Lead, John Robinson, said:

I’m hugely proud of our team’s success. In a fast-growing environment like Glantus, it’s easy for the customer voice to get lost. But we made listening a priority, and the numbers show that it’s paying off for the company, and the clients.

Paul, John and Damien - members of our star support team.

Well done to the whole team!

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