Aug 15 2019

Transforming the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is embracing a data-driven digital transformation, designed to mitigate complex consumer-facing challenges - and reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. The key to success is balancing digital services while also maintaining the personal touch that is foundational to the industry.

First Ireland

Founded in 1988, First Ireland is one of the largest insurance brokers in Ireland. Since earlier this year, they have been running the Glantus software to enhance the efficiency of their operations and reduce the amount of manual effort involved.

At First Ireland, we are always looking for technology that drives efficiency and Glantus has provided us with a platform that helps us to deliver more – with less

-Bernard Swierczyna, IT Director

Using the power of our technology, First Ireland has been able to transform the way that users interact with data to increase the quality and consistency of their customer service and introduce innovative new features to their customer base.


Photo (L-R): Glantus - Marie O’Toole (Head of Software Development), Daragh Gubbins (Head of Data Operations) and Joe Keating (CDO) First Ireland - Bernard Swierczyna (CIO), Achinthya Ganesh and Yusuf Muibideen (Data Team)

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