Dec 13 2018

Glantus Construction Insights - Part Two

Visibility for Project Managers

Construction projects are rarely simple, with multiple site works going on at the same time across a variety of business areas - often with large distances between them.

Glantus data management software gives project managers full visibility of the progress of each site by enabling real-time dashboards. These dashboards are customisable to provide a high-level overview for management and users can drill down to specific details, such as who is / will be working on the site and when.

The Glantus Platform gives project managers access to real-time information across all projects and connects to any existing systems to auto-refresh information. This provides project managers with the ability to control schedules as well as steer and manage progress, resulting in a better delivery and better financial reward.

More visibility also means better governance; managers can get to the root of a problem and be pro-active to prevent issues from occurring.

Visibility for Top Management and Investors

The management team and investors involved in construction require regular updates on project status, this is typically provided through documentation, photos, or video means.

The Glantus app, one of the most effective construction apps on the market, allows users to upload data in all formats (voice, video, photo, etc.) captured at site level. This provides instant access to real-time site information, factors that may be causing delays, and expected completion dates.

The ability to provide access to up-to-date information to all stakeholders within one portal reduces the need for phone calls, emails and complex documents that add to the demands on resources that should be focused on delivery.

Visibility for Customers

Glantus provides an easy-to-use solution for the end customer, giving them peace of mind that things are progressing as planned throughout the project lifecycle.

Using the Glantus app, customers can be provided with access to tailored progress reports and estimated delivery timelines.

This enhances the customer experience and puts your customer at the heart of the process, resulting in greater trust, loyalty and customer satisfaction.

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