Dec 10 2018

Glantus Construction Insights Part One

Have You Got a Simple Way to Manage your Construction Data?

In the construction industry, time is crucial, but is rarely on our side - this is a product of operating in a fast-paced industry with ever-changing conditions. With a hectic schedule and plenty of high-priority activities, it can be difficult to gain a clear view of exactly what’s happening and why. This is where the ability to manage and optimise your construction data is priceless.

Juggling multiple projects, teams and payments is a never-ending battle without the right foundations in place. Here at Glantus, our mission is to provide you with the tools you need to optimise your business performance. Our software removes the barriers to help you analyse, process and visualise business information across all operations with ease.

The Glantus Platform makes construction data management a breeze and removes blockers and delays within the day-to-day business.

Helping you Stay Ahead of the Game

Our solution provides everything you need to manage construction data in a single place, including:

  • Project, phase and property catalogues
  • Integrated critical risk information for proactive alerts and reporting
  • Cost, contract and change management for finance teams
  • Real-time updates, with 24/7 visibility
Getting Started

The platform integrates with any existing CRM, ERP or financial system, making the on-boarding process quick and painless. Users can jump right in and start reaping the benefits immediately – minimum training and a very short learning curve.

Updates on site activities can be delayed due to geographical factors, but by using an all-in-one data management platform, each stakeholder has instant access to real-time updates at the touch of a button (on any device). Transparency on the status of a build, delivery or issue gives managers, investors and customers, peace of mind – and allows resources to focus on their key objectives.

Simple, Secure & Effective

Our secure, cloud-based system enables you to store and manage data associated with every project, keeping historical details on file. Retrieve documentation easily, get a high-level overview of a project or go into specific detail on job specs and activities, both in the office and on the field. Construction project administration has just got easier!

Keeping track of schedules and reflecting changes is vital when subcontractors are involved – our scheduling capability ensures you or your customers don’t miss a thing. The Glantus Platform is a collaboration tool that essentially creates an ecosystem, between you, your customer and all of the 3rd parties that are involved in your business. This enables the instant communication of schedules and updates, to all parties involved.

Thanks to the Glantus mobile app – one of the best construction apps on the market - all project activity and reporting functionality is available on-site, at the touch of a button.

About Us

Glantus is an all-in-one data management platform that saves money, frees up resources and boosts project performance.

Talk to an expert today, commitment free, to find out how you can reap the benefits of having an all-in-one data management platform.

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