Dec 7 2021


Qiagen is a global provider of Sample to Insight solutions for molecular testing and serves more than 500,000 customers, all seeking answers from the building blocks of life – DNA, RNA, and proteins. Operating globally, Qiagen enables customers to unlock valuable molecular insights faster, better, and more efficiently – from the raw biological sample to the final interpreted result.

Qiagen’s finance leaders wished to discover and analyze payment errors and to review processes to minimize future leakage. Operating from a centralized Shared Services Centre, in multi-currency and language environments, made centralized analysis challenging.

Qiagen looked to address these challenges and chose Glantus because of our innovative solution and extensive experience with AP challenges. Glantus' availability of real-time reports enabled Qiagen to have an efficient, timely, and accurate presentation of monthly/quarterly accounts to facilitate better cash flow projection reporting.

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