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Your consultants are wasting time working on opportunities that will not close

On average only 33% of their time is spent closing deals. We can double that.

Glantus brings real-time benchmarking and alerts

This will help your consultants to focus on the A+ opportunities they are most likely to close.

Here’s how we drive business performance

Keep your consultants focussed

As new opportunities are entered into the system they are immediately analysed and presented in real-time to the consultant together with probability-to-fill and margin information.

ARTICLE: Actionable analytics

Management by exception with real-time alerts

Automated alerts are generated when teams are not meeting target timelines for opportunities and when there any deviations from forecast business per client or sector.


More time spent on closing

Glantus automation slashes the time consultants spend sourcing candidates and eliminates repetitive tasks. This ensures your consultants spend more of their time closing business.

Recruitment Dashboard Gallery

Replace old dashboards and reporting systems

Active Dashboards that will help you benchmark consultant activity. Built on a real-time data platform, it’s flexible enough to grow with your business.

Recruitment Dashboard Gallery

Previously we were juggling information silos and conflicting data. We now have a lot more capability to ‘slice and dice’ the information we do hold to a more granular level. I guess the move has been like moving from Ceefax to a HD smart TV

John Lawson, Finance Director, Goodman Masson

Whilst it was possible to build our own dashboards before, this was a clunky and costly process. Active Dashboards provided the tools and flexibility for us to create our own tailor-made dashboards, pulling in data from wider sources and getting them up and running very quickly. This provided a far more tailored and effective alternative to our old system.

Chris Chandler, CEO, Aspire

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