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Glantus integrates data from any source, any system and any property for complete visibility and control

Stream Data From Any System

Capture information from contractors, third parties and head office and view this together in one single location, quickly and easily.


Provide front-line workers with vital insights about tenants, payments, arrears and more - on desktop or mobile.

Here’s where Glantus bring value home

Property management

Glantus’s powerful data integration, visualisation, reporting and automation features help provide a single, unified view of properties and tenants.

New developments

From registration of interest to tracking the paperwork right through the buying process, managing sales, automating documentation and freeing staff up to focus on the bottom line.

Housing authorities

Glantus can track repairs, monitor rents and manage tenant relationships as well as providing real-time information and helping identify trends.

AP Automation

Streamlining your end to end Accounts Payable process, by reducing the processing costs associated with raising orders and processing invoices.

Glantus AP Automation

Glantus broke down those ‘data silos’ and helped Castleton unify its data sources. Using Glantus’s powerful data integration, visualization, reporting and automation features, Castleton can now provide customers with a single, unified view of their properties and tenants - and get insights into their own business as well.

Jimmy Rogers, New Business Sales & Marketing Director, Castleton

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