Track recruitment, enrolment and student success

Holistic view of students across systems and across time

Integrate data from any source and empower budget holders to make decisions based on more accurate real-time information

A data platform for the education sector

Easy to use visual dashboards and alerts to the right people at the right time. With real-time monitoring of KPIs

Everything we’ve learnt is available to you

Best practice dashboards for quality and student performance, heads of department and tutors along with a suite of OFSTED ready dashboards for the FE sector.

Hard at work in over 70 colleges and universities

Education Dashboards

With our dashboard your organisation can reduce time consuming ad-hoc reporting, giving you a flexible option to drill down and measure any key performance indicator.

FE Dashboard Gallery

Improving enrolment, retention and success

Greater visibility of student success, achievement and recruitment across your whole organisation. You can view and analyse your operational data for effective financial, HR and Governance management.

Enrolment Dashboard

Greater knowledge

With new insights based on combined data sources and timely alerts with AI applied to real-time data streams. Enhanced with benchmarking utilising data loaded from public databases e.g. DFE

Glantus User Community

Through our user groups customers are encouraged to share examples of best practice, insight and experience regarding the implementation and management of the software.

Now anyone can access a dashboard and find exactly which data they need at the click of a mouse and best of all, it’s all live data.

John Robinson, Information Systems Senior Officer, Preston’s College

This helps us demonstrate the steps we’re taking towards positive outcomes and putting interventions in place, which is essential for Ofsted. Overall it has really transformed how the college is run and has made a huge difference to both staff and students.

Scott Bowak, Associate Director Information Systems, Unified Seevic Palmer’s College

Active Dashboards brings together all the data in one visually represented format on the screen for rapid analysis and decision making.

Mike Dillon, Assistant Principal - Operations, Bournville College

Events like our 'Good Governance through Dashboard Technology Seminar' provides a practical way to showcase how other colleges can benefit from applying Active Dashboards to support good governance.

Graham Morley, Principal, South Staffordshire College

Our data is now clear and consistent which is a major move forward for Cheshire College South & West.

Gordon Gillespie, Vice Principal Curriculum & Quality, Cheshire College South & West

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