Specialist Audits

Specialist Audits

We provide a fully managed service to optimise the value of recoveries, using a thorough approach to all aspects of potential recovery.

Our methodology ensures we call for minimal resources from our clients’ staff when we undertake a review.

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Glantus are on several leading government frameworks to provide specialist audits to the public sector.

Value Add Process Improvement Report

Within the management report, produced at the end of the assignment, we include a process improvement report outlining areas that will further reduce costs, enhance payment processing efficiency, and tighten controls.

Government framework - Debt Resolution Services

Debt Resolution Services (DRS) framework RM6226 (and its predecessors), issued by Crown Commercial Services where we have been the most successful supplier under the Accounts Payable Lot, recovering more than any other provider (over £20m to date).

Government framework - AGMA

AGMA the (Association of Greater Manchester Authorities), where we have been the sole supplier for over 10 years, recovering over £6m for public sector organistaions

Government framework - NHS

The NHS’s Accounts and Reconciliation framework (we are the most successful provider under Accounts Payable Lot for this framework) recovering over £8.5m to date.

Over £1M secured by a UK Shared Service Centre through Spend Recovery Audit.
Shared Service Centre

Over £1M secured by a UK Shared Service Centre through Spend Recovery Audit.

Our client is a large UK-based Shared Service centre for a public body. They provide a range of services for the public sector including Accounts Payable, Audit and Assurance Services, Procurement Services, and Legal & Risk Services. With over 12 locations, they manage a huge volume of services for the public service and deliver across the UK daily.


Glantus deliver market leading results from specialist audits across the public service.


Glantus uses advanced technology to combine datasets to provide absolute control and cost advantages. With over 20 years of expertise, we offer a detailed billing review across all telecoms expenditure, including a review of fixed line, mobile and data elements.


We provide specialist audits in Utilities cost management, using our unique ability to combine datasets (e.g., information obtained during a Payables Review and Utilities Data), enabling us to provide the customer with a detailed billing review across all Utilities expenditure. The audit includes a detailed review of electricity, gas, and water expenditure.

Contract Compliance

Glantus’ Contract Compliance service takes data from multiple sources and validates it against agreed contract terms. We use our expertise and experience to focus on the contract detail, comparing it against the net costs actually incurred to ensure charges are correct and identifying any errors for review.


Glantus specialise in VAT audits, isolating categories of supplies where different rules and risks apply, maximising VAT claims, securing reliefs, following purchase processes to validate the VAT claim journey, isolating, and eliminating risk.

No Recovery, No Fee

Our fees are calculated as a percentage of recoveries achieved. This ‘no recovery, no fee’ approach means that you can engage us without risk. Our team would be delighted to discuss realistic figures based on your specific requirements on request.

Self-funding Innovation

Glantus recoveries are often used by our clients to self-fund further audits or software solutions, along with process improvements across the Accounts Payable function and the wider business.


Most organisations do not have the time or the resource to investigate as deeply and as far back as they would like to.

We have a tried and trusted solution, consisting of experienced people, with proven process and technology.

We do 95%+ of the work and have many references to back that up! We obtain ‘read only’ access to your accounting system, which means we can do all the data analysis work.

Your involvement is simply authorising our claims and confirming when the money has been paid into your bank or value has been received.

Unlike many of our competitors we employ ALL of our staff, which means we can guarantee the quality of account management and levels of service. We have dedicated VAT and statements teams.

Our clients consistently tell us we find more and have less impact; we would recommend you follow up references.

In our experience, and best practice recommends, every 12-18 months, so you don’t run the risk of ‘lost recoveries’.

Quick wins…..on many occasions the first claims are confirmed within 48 hours of first contact with the supplier and repaid within a week.

We are proud of our 100% record for data security and work very hard to maintain it across the whole business.

We value compliance standards and data protection. We are ISO 27701:2019, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015 and Cyber essentials accredited.