Optimise through AP Data Analytics

Optimise through AP Data Analytics

DataShark enables you to optimise your operations through analytics with real-time data and tracking of anomalies. Deepen your understanding of the success drivers for the financial relationships with your suppliers.

Empower through AP Automation

Empower through AP Automation

DataShark allows you to truly empower your business through the automation of processes, workflows and by eliminating complexity. Target automation gaps with the greatest cost-saving potential and generate ROI in a matter of weeks.


Ways an AP automation platform can help your business

DataShark Delivers

DataShark delivers a blisteringly fast capture of data providing automation, visualisation, and advanced analysis of data in a single, agile platform. Zero-code connectivity to ERPs and specialist finance systems accelerates time to value.

95% Reduction in Manual

DataShark enables AP teams to reduce manual effort by up to 95% with data-driven RPA. Use live data streaming to automate routine tasks and eliminate errors. DataShark uses robotic software to take over mundane tasks, liberating team members to add value.

Put Data to Work

Bring data together from all your existing transactional systems and put it to work. Standard connectors are available for all major ERP systems, and the platform features rapid no-code interfacing for specialist or legacy systems.

Turn Cost to Profit

We help Finance Shared Services and GBS recover lost profits and deliver new revenue streams. We unblock stalled automation projects by streaming data from existing systems. Advanced anomaly detection acts on this real-time data to save you money.

Continuous Improvement

Recovery audit delivers money back to your bottom line in 4-6 weeks. It provides access to the cleansed data from everywhere to identify patterns of errors. The analysis provides the insights to target automation most effectively and delivers self-funded continuous improvement.

Predictive Analytics

Spot anomalies and identify future opportunities to improve with DataShark's AI-powered analytics. Anticipate future needs and eliminate risks by spotting trends in your data. With user-friendly machine learning and real-time data streaming, you can ask real questions and get accurate, actionable answers.

Pain-free setup with no disruption for your valuable team members and resources.

Connects All Data

DataShark connects to all your data, identifying errors and returning working capital to the bottom line.

Speed of Deployment

DataShark is rapidly deployed around existing transactional systems without disruption or risk to the operational processes.

Completely End-to-End

DataShark is the engine that powers our products, supporting an end-to-end solution to transform your accounts payable function.

Real Time Monitoring

Intelligent automation is rapidly deployed to improve efficiency and advanced analytics monitors performance in real-time.

Our cutting-edge technology liberates the finance function to drive efficiency, savings and growth

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