What is audit and recovery?

What is audit and recovery?

Our expert audit team uses our proprietary technology to conduct an in-depth review of your disbursements and supplier statements to identify and recover the monies you are owed.

Following the initial review, our team works with your suppliers to document the root cause of the errors, obtain authorisation, and store the backup needed for your audit trail. Our team manages the end-to-end process of finding: Returned products, overpayments, VAT reclaims, unissued/outstanding credits, debit balances, escheatment avoidance, duplicate payments, and rebates.

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Ways audit and recovery can help your business

Faster Recoveries

Deliver cash back to your organisation by completing recoveries faster, providing your team with the technology to become proactive.

Supplier Relations

Enhance supplier relations by filtering out invalid errors to limit the number of contacts required and expedite resolution.


Recovery process and original document traceability for audit compliance.

Human and Technology

We use industry expertise and our advanced algorithms to perform a comprehensive AP recovery audit.


Detailing root cause analysis to help stem future losses.

Team Liberation

Glantus does the work, so you can focus on what your team does best.

80% reduction of invoice processing times, using defined workflow rules and system processes.

Anomaly Detection

Advanced anomaly detection technology applied to quickly identify and prioritise transactions to recover.


Access to our proprietary analytics and reporting tool is provided at no cost during the audit to reveal insights into vendor management, fraud indicators, and process compliance gaps.

Transparency to Work in Progress

Portal access with visibility into claim status, recovery amounts, credit classification, and insight into work in progress.

Minimal Disruption

Minimal disruption to your accounts payable or shared services teams. Find and resolve hidden issues across your P2P cycle globally.

Specialist Audits

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Glantus delivers specialist audits on telecoms cost management. Our unique ability to combine datasets enables us to provide absolute control and cost advantages. With over 20 years of expertise, we offer a detailed billing review across all telecoms expenditures, including a review of fixed line, mobile and data elements.

We provide specialist audits in utilities cost management, using our unique ability to combine datasets (e.g., information obtained during a payables review and utilities data), enabling us to provide the customer with a detailed billing review across all utilities expenditures. The audit includes a detailed review of electricity, gas, and water expenditure.

As contract compliance specialists, we can take data from multiple sources and validate it against agreed contract terms. Using our expertise, we focus on the contract detail, comparing it against the net costs actually incurred to ensure you have been charged correctly and identifying any errors/rebates.

Glantus specialise in VAT audits, isolating categories of supplies where different rules and risks apply, maximising VAT claims, securing reliefs, following purchase processes to validate the VAT claim journey, isolating, and eliminating risk.

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Audit and recovery services deliver cash recovered back into your bottom line.

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