Working Together - Creating Faster Growth

Working Together - Creating Faster Growth

We understand that each Glantus partner is valuable and necessary to maintain an ecosystem. Our partner program is designed to develop with our partners so that we continually work together to accelerate growth across existing clients as well as assisting development of new target markets.

Glantus Partnership Program
Engage with the Glantus Partner Ecosystem

Engage with the Glantus Partner Ecosystem

Through our existing strategic alliance programs, we offer world leading Accounts Payable collaborative solutions that maximise value for our partners and customers. Furthermore, the DataShark platform offers our OEM partners the latest data management and real-time analytical functionality.

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"The Partnership with Glantus is key to assisting us and our customers to become more agile and responsive to our customers’ transformational needs." Selwyn Stein, CEO, VAT IT

Together with our partners, we drive innovation. The DataShark platform offers customers the tools and knowledge necessary to transform their finance function.

Influence and Referral Partners

Provide strategic consultancy services and complementary solutions to empower clients to use their data to achieve AP operational excellence and unlock new and valuable insights and bottom line revenue.

Solution and Technology Partners

Offer focused value propositions to customers by aligning with the Glantus end-to-end suite of products to connect products and integrate end user AP solutions.

OEM and White Label Partners

Global leading data solutions that are fully integrated to the core value proposition, business function, and /or technology suite of our partners.

Connecting Data

The Glantus ecosystem fulfills our customer's need to transform their processes by connecting data from transactional systems and putting it to work.

Unify Data to Transform the Finance Function

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