10 October 2018

Glantus joins NCI's Data and Analytics Industry Panel

Glantus joins Microsoft, Deutsche Bank and others

The Glantus team will help NCI develop their curriculum and masters programmes, with special attention given to their data analytics training.

NCI's programmes are accredited by the QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) and all QQI programmes are revalidated every 5 years in accordance with the Core Policies and Criteria for the Validation by QQI of Programmes of Education and Training.

‘It’s really exciting to be working with an innovative community of people, looking at the next generation of data and analytics technology,’ said Glantus CDO Joe Keating. ‘My hope is we can line up our commercial experiences with the innovations NCI are bringing to the table.’

Glantus and NCI have long collaborated on successful industry events, introducing graduates and undergrads to cutting edge analytics and commercial use cases.

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