More data is generated annually than ever due to the rise of business process automation tools, cloud-based apps, mobile solutions, and connected devices that permeate the contemporary business environment. As a result, there is an enormous opportunity for businesses all around the world to profit from the more data-driven world. The same is true for departments dealing with accounts payable ("AP"), which are increasingly equipped to turn data into intelligence and value. The primary applications of data and intelligence inside AP demonstrate the impending data-led revolution of many departments.

Not every organisation is ready to become Data-Driven, but the roadmap is shorter and smoother than you may expect and AP functions that start the journey are quick to realise the benefits.

The first step is often the most difficult to take, but in this case the destination is well worth the trip.

If you are deciding where to begin, download our whitepaper 'The Roadmap to Data Driven AP' to learn more.