The Benefits of Overpayment Prevention

  • Goes above and beyond standard ERP system controls by flagging errors occurring from data entry mistakes, cross-system posting. Identifies duplicate or multiple related vendors, wrong vendor payments, currency differences, transposed dates or invoice numbers, appended invoice numbers, and other anomalies.

  • Manage risk and identify opportunities for improved controls. Expedites the research process which minimises time spent reviewing data which can significantly reduce your resource needs by up to 75%.

  • Highlights cash recovery opportunities to contribute to working capital and positively impact cashflow.

  • Side-by-side invoice comparison, with differences highlighted, to enable immediate root cause resolution and preventative action.

  • Greater transparency into your organisation’s overpayments, both real time and historical, resulting in more than five times ROI, from preventing overpayments.

If you would like to read more about how DataShark Overpayment Prevention can help your business, check out the full product sheet.