What are the benefits of Document Workflow

  • Eliminates manual handling of invoices, freeing up AP teams to deliver on higher value activities. 80% reduction of invoice processing times, using workflow rules and system processes.

  • Reduces errors through invoice capture validation and automated 2- or 3-way matching.

  • Creates visibility across business units, locations, and systems to proactively manage spend.

  • Cloud hosting and "out of the box” ERP integrations lessens the burden on IT resources.

  • Improves supplier relations and reduces risk of late payment fees. Streamlines the implementation process, based on best practice from 200+ implementations globally.

  • Creates time savings and enables the capacity for growth without additional overheads.

  • Eliminates the burden of human error and keeps control of spend.

  • Straightforward 1,2,3 step process, simplifying invoice processing.