It’s no secret that accounts payable (AP) is a tedious, labour-intensive process. From manual document processing to tedious communications, AP departments often feel like the red-headed stepchild of the accounting office. In many companies, AP process bottlenecks and miscommunication still run rampant.

However, the tide is turning. Companies are finding ways to modernize their AP processes and embrace automation to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Thanks to advances in technology, more and more companies are recognizing the immense benefits that automation can bring to AP departments.

One of the driving forces behind the shift toward automated accounts payables management is the need to stay competitive. Automating the process eliminates cumbersome, manual tasks and puts the focus back on value-added activities, enabling companies to stay ahead of the curve by driving process enhancements.

But automation of accounts payables is also helping companies save money. Automation allows companies to streamline invoice processing, reduce human error and cut costs on paper materials such as stamps, envelopes and paper receipts. Automation also improves accuracy, accuracy reduces manual labour and delays, and enhances transparency.

The effects of automation on accounts payable are impossible to ignore.

The effects of automation on accounts payable are impossible to ignore. And industry leaders are embracing the concept with increasing fervour. They understand that automation helps them attain the critical objectives of process efficiency, cost savings and accuracy.

It’s an exciting time to be involved in accounts payable. With leading companies embracing automation, the industry is now at a tipping point, where streamlined processes and dramatic cost savings can be seen almost immediately. Organisations that invest in automation now can reap the rewards of efficient, reliable and accurate payments—and never look back.

DataShark Leads the Charge in AP Automation

At Glantus, our DataShark solution is leading the charge in AP automation. Data Shark offers an end-to-end AP automation solution that helps businesses manage their AP processes efficiently and cost-effectively. It utilises a suite of powerful software applications, including workflow automation, an electronic invoicing solution and a payment automation system.

DataShark is designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs for businesses by eliminating manual labour and streamlining the entire AP process, from creating invoices to processing payments. This solution also provides users with detailed reporting capabilities and real-time, 24/7 access to accounts payable data.

Additionally, our cloud-based platform can integrate with existing accounting systems to ensure seamless data transfers. Businesses can now easily automate their procedures and reduce their payables pain and are no longer burdened by the endless cycle of manual AP data entry and reconciliation. This solution enables them to make smarter decisions, save time and money, and reduce the possibility of errors.

Automating your payables process with DataShark is the key to ending pain in the payables process. Lead the way in industry efficiency and reduce the processing time by signing up today!


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