Oct 12 2021

PRESS RELEASE: Glantus Announces Additional Leadership Appointments

Glantus announces 6 new Director level appointments, in a global strengthening of senior talent, to help deliver their unique blend of end-to-end accounts payable automation solutions across many industries.

The new appointments span the technology, sales, operations, client success, and audit functions adding considerable expertise and guidance to these departments.

Rochelle Hood takes on a global leadership role as Head of Product and Customer Insights. She will be responsible for managing the full lifecycle of products to support organizational strategy and objectives and liaise between development, clients, and the wider business. Having worked across a range of industries, she brings consummate expertise and a robust toolkit to ensure Glantus products are the best client solutions.

We are delighted to welcome Rochelle to Glantus. The appointment to this key position answers the rapid growth in demand we are experiencing across our ground-breaking AP automation products and services. We will benefit greatly from Rochelle's deep experience to realize client technology goals. - Geoff Keating, CTO

I am delighted to leverage my practitioner experience and build upon the intelligence I have gained from industry peers to guide the continuous growth and value of the Glantus product suite. - Rochelle A. Hood, Head of Product and Customer Insights

Reporting to Senior Vice President (Americas), Andrea Wilkinson, Dawn Corosa takes on the role of Director of Technology Solutions. Dawn joins Glantus from Technology Insight, where she managed their data division. Her team implements and manages the Data Shark solution for clients and provides proof of concepts for prospective clients.

Denis Teeter, meanwhile, moves from Client Strategy to Director of Sales. Denis is responsible for qualifying sales leads and establishing which solutions would provide the most value to them. He brings vast industry knowledge to assist potential clients in making the right decision on how to address their issues.

Reporting to Jeff Weist, Danielle Adamson and Nathan Smith both assume the roles of Directors of Client Success. Danielle brings over 15 years of experience in the recovery audit industry, building and retaining strategic high-profile client relationships. Clients will benefit greatly from her industry experience, ensuring they have a valued partner on their side.

Nathan moves from Account Management to Director of Client Success. He will ensure clients gain maximum advantage from Glantus’ DataShark solution, providing onboarding training and identifying value adds for them, within the Glantus suite of solutions.

Phil Keeneth will report to Andrea Wilkinson, as Director of Audit Solutions. Phil brings 20 years of experience in the recovery audit industry. He is known for perpetually mining for insights and designing the latest best practices to enhance systems, processes, and relationships. He will be managing the audit teams to investigate AP data and processes to uncover and resolve issues, and inefficiencies to maximize client revenue.

“These new hires and appointments demonstrate our continued commitment to developing and acquiring the best in global talent, to service our growing customer base. It’s a privilege to work with them all and witness the synergies and excitement of our growing management team, as they strive to bring best-in-class solutions to our customers.” Andrea Wilkinson (Senior Vice President, Americas)

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