Aug 13 2018

Glantus wins at Tech Excellence!

At this year’s Tech Excellence Awards, Glantus was nominated for Vertical Market Specialist of the Year, and won!

The jury recognised Glantus’s expertise in the financial services sector - beating out some stiff competition from major players in the space.

Glantus has a simple mission: to empower businesses with a one-stop data integration, automated and advanced analytics product, developed with actual business needs in mind. In a crowded space with plenty of complex alternatives, Glantus presents itself as globally unique: it offers an end-to-end feature set, real-time connectivity, and an intuitive approach to development and deployment.

“We wanted to start with the end-user, the actual customer need, and work backwards,” said CEO Maurice Healy. “I was looking for a dara integration solution myself and was becoming frustrated with how expensive and narrow every option on the market seemed to be.”

The work put in by the Glantus team has certainly paid off - congratulations to everyone!

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