Feb 21 2019

Glantus Partners with Mobility Leaders CWSI

For years, big firms have been asking data companies for tools that can provide intelligent, instantly actionable insights for team members - especially on mobile. While data technology has become more sophisticated and more powerful, this critical user need has remained undelivered.

But Glantus is unique - we built our data platform with practical business needs at the heart of development. Our Kafka-powered data integration and automation tools means real-time workflows can be built quickly, drawing on data that’s integrated into a single, feature-rich environment, ready for future-proof use.

For the first time, users can access business-defined insights, drawing on any company data source - in real time, and built for mobility. That’s the power of this partnership.

And of course, our integration expertise is another perfect compliment to CWSI’s offering. CWSI has delivered amazing systems and productivity improvements with their mobility products - adding Glantus’s power to integrate data from any source, in real time, can offer instant enhancements to all our customers.

It’s a hugely exciting venture - I look forward to showing you more in the future.

Maurice Healy, Glantus Founder

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