Mar 4 2019

Glantus and Brexit: Your Services Will Not Change

A message from Glantus Chief Compliance Officer, Paula Nolan:

To all our customers, partners and colleagues:

We understand that the looming Brexit deadline has raised a good deal of uncertainty for many EU and UK companies – but we want to assure everyone of the following:

1. There will be no disruption to any Glantus services or operations after Brexit, no matter the political outcome.

2. All your data will still be governed under GDPR guidelines, whether you’re in the UK or the EU, and all your related rights will carry over.

3. Glantus Ireland Ltd maintains ISO 27001 and 9001 accreditation, meaning we’re committed to the highest standards of regulatory compliance and service quality, regardless of any outside factors.

Any customer data is managed to the highest standards of security and compliance, based on regulatory best practices.

For customers reaching out to us with any GDPR concerns, we would like to remind you that Glantus provides a solution that allows companies to map personal data, across systems, to respond to Subject Access Requests (SAR) in a click:

Glantus GDPR
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