May 15 2019

Intelligent Businesses need Business Intelligence

The right business intelligence (BI) solution will empower your organisation with the required actionable data, providing greater insights and facilitating more strategic decision making. There’s no doubt about it - world class BI has become a necessity for any competitive organisation:

Companies using analytics are 5X more likely to make faster decisions with Business Analytics.” (

Benefit #1: Customer Retention

In an era where customer choice is greater than ever, the ability to forecast the next likely action of your customers is a central goal. With BI by Glantus, a company can identify the reasons why earlier customers switch to fellow competitors and those planning to exit. Knowing your customer needs helps to customise a program accordingly. Customer journey mapping is used from this collective insight using BI tools to create continued engagement and lasting relationships at every contact touch point. Knowing this type of key information from a very early stage is integral to investing time in retention and building long-term relationships.

At Glantus, we help organisations transform their customer retention so that they are at the top of their game. Our platform is a simplified solution that takes care of the customer experience for companies to achieve an optimum level of customer service and sizeable gains. One such example is our housing sector customers, who automate the scheduling of free repairs in real time based on location and and predict traffic volumes, along with weather so that both the company and their own customers time is optimised.

Benefit #2: Competitive Advantage

Business Intelligence has become the difference between performing and stagnant companies. BI tools help align strategic objectives and customer insights. However, knowing the customer is not enough by itself. Sustainable CA can only be attained by using BI tools to predict competitor moves and anticipate their behaviour.

Glantus has given us the ability to capture current project status across all clients, aircraft types and locations, enabling us to be proactive as opposed to reactive. (Roisin Brady, CFO, MAAS Aviation)

By creating effective predictive models based on a company’s strengths and competitor’s weaknesses, there is more control to protect your business, win customers and improve market position. At Glantus, our customers have become market leaders in their field. This is driven by the emerging understanding that organisation data is a strategic asset that can optimise company performance across all areas.

Benefit #3: Actionable Insight

Fundamentally, insight needs to be followed by action. A BI system built with practical insight identifies revenue generating opportunities. Forrester reports that 74% of companies say they desire to realise action from analytics yet only 29% are successful in taking action. The missing link is evident with most companies, a lack of applicable insights to drive lucrative outcomes from their data.

Glantus closes the gap between prediction and action. Castleton Technology, one of Glantus’s key customers uses the platform to create visual dashboards alongside automated workflows to stay on top of performance.

If you would like to find out more about how your organisation can benefit from our BI solution, contact us today to find out how we can help. Power your data with Glantus' advanced analytics platform and watch your expectations get blown away.

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