Jul 15 2019

Don't put your brand at risk by ignoring regulations like the GDPR

Since the passing of the new GDPR privacy laws last year, the security of personal data has been a major concern for all types of companies. The massive fines due to be handed to British Airways and hotel chain Marriott have shown that those concerns were justified. Make sure you review your GDPR strategy with your data protection officer, and if your company doesn't have one, make some noise! At Glantus, we are enabling companies across Europe, UK, US and beyond to automate the processing of ‘Subject Access Requests’ (SARs), and to easily apply the processes required to satisfy the core aspects of the regulation while also helping them to avoid the odd fine (or two).

The UK Information Commissioners Office stance reflects the growing attention on Privacy around the globe with both British Airways and the Marriott hotel chain becoming the first firms targeted by the watchdog, with fines totaling almost £300m. This move indicates that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) are starting to ramp up the pain for those still violating GDPR, more than a year after it came into force.

While the size of the fines proposed for both British Airways and Marriott are far less than the maximum allowed under GDPR, it is a strong indication that the ICO doesn’t intend to shy away from imposing major fines when a large volume of customer data has been leaked. Every company that uses third parties to process customer data on their behalf is vulnerable to the same kind of security breach. Both British Airways and Marriott represent the first test cases that will not only effectively create a benchmark but will also set the ICO's ability to enforce GDPR, in the real world.

Companies hold personal data on countless systems, and under GDPR, individuals now have the right to access and delete that data. Glantus can map that data across any number of systems, for quick deletion and transparent auditing.

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