Mar 9 2021

Why Organizations are Moving to Accounts Payable Automation Now


Date: Friday 9th April 2021

Time: 10:30 - 11:30 (GMT)


Manual versus Automation

AP has been naturally moving from manual processes to automation over the last decade. Current conditions, exacerbated by remote working are challenging supplier relationships in terms of AP invoicing, spend control, paying on time and eliminating errors. We take a look at how AP Automation solves those challenges for under-pressure AP departments.

Automating your AP processes gives organizations:

  • 80% improvement on invoice processing overheads
  • Ability to process invoices 80% faster
  • Reduce invoice processing errors by 25%

During this session, you will see how to gain better insight into the benefits of AP Automation, best practice approaches and how to practically implement it.

  • ROI of 80 % in terms of process efficiency and associated savings
  • Analysis of manual AP functions, focusing on challenges & costs
  • Introduction to automation within the AP function, showcasing benefits & savings
  • Customer feedback on how automation has helped to change a cost center to a profit center

Come away with the practical steps to enable automation and start to realize saving in terms of both process and bottom-line.

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