Mar 23 2022

WEBINAR: The Power of Data in Fraud Prevention, Compliance, and Process Optimisation


Date: 5th May, 2022

Time: 1:00pm BST

Industry experts share real stories about using data and analytics automation to elevate human potential

Organisations have a lot of data, but many are not truly harnessing its power. This session will highlight how two successful companies used intelligent automation and analytics to achieve key business results and return time to their vital AP resources for problem solving.


Are your team members spending more time looking at trending, root cause and developing new ways to service your customers? Not yet? Use of data and analytics may be the golden key to unlocking your team members’ potential to solve problems and share their ideas on ways to add value to the business.

Join Gabor Kovacs, Marko Pusenjak and Dubravka Mirosavljevic as they share the stories of how Roche and Teva make use of Accounts Payable data to go beyond transactional metrics to examine process outcomes. Our panel of leaders will each share first-hand accounts of how automation captures the data necessary to manage risk, strengthen compliance, assess root causes, optimise human talent, and drive overall business improvements across multiple countries.

From this session you will learn:

  • How does managing your vendor master help to ward off fraudsters?
  • When are duplicate payments not a sign of poor controls?
  • How do you turn root causes into corrective actions your team will be thankful for?


Gabor Kovacs, Demand to Pay Manager, Roche Services (Europe) Ltd.

Marko Pusenjak, Project Analyst, Global Business Services – Project Management and Administration, Teva

Dubravka Mirosavljevic, Senior Project Analyst at Teva Pharmaceutical's GBS Finance, Teva

Rochelle Hood, Head of Product & Customer Insights, Glantus

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