May 4 2020

WEBINAR: Flexibility & automation in P2P, A customers perspective


In the current climate, both time and flexibility within the finance function have become vital. Companies are trying to introduce automation to manual, time consuming tasks and give their staff the flexibility to work from home/out of the office as the need arises.

Following on from our successful webinar series in April, Glantus are delighted to announce a new webinar in conjunction with one of our leading P2P customers. Looking at the finance function from the customer perspective, we will explore some of the legacy and existing pain-points and challenges that they experienced pre-automation and we will outline how the full rollout of P2P automation has benefited their business.

This webinar will demonstrate how both automation and “work from anywhere” can be achieved within the P2P function while enabling better time management for key personnel. This adds significantly more value to the business, in a very quick time frame.

If you are interested in viewing this webinar in full, please click on the link below to register:

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