May 31 2019

A Look Back at Tech Connect

Joe Keating is the Chief Data Officer at Glantus and was a featured speaker at this past week’s Tech Connect conference. Here are his reflections on the event, and some of the trends he picked up on:

Technology, Meet Business

How do you choose which events are worth the time and effort to engage in? There’s a perception that peoples time is so valuable to organisations these days, that attending or participating in industry events is sometimes discouraged. Especially if they occur during office hours – but what is the cost of missing the opportunity to learn about emerging techniques, technologies or approaches to deliver more efficiency, happier customers and employee growth (as an example)?

I’ve always believed that every interaction is an opportunity to learn, contribute and sometimes both.

This year’s #TechConnectLive event is a testament to this. I was involved as a speaker at last year’s event and it was well organised with some great speakers and a good crowd. However, this year there were a lot more attendees, with a greater level of engagement that I’ve seen before.

With industry experts speaking on topics relating to AI, Digital Transformation, Data, Finance and more – there really was something for everyone.

Horacio Gonzalez-Velez (NCI), Joe Keating (Glantus), Martin McFadden (Quest)
What can Data do for you?

This time around I based my talk on “What can Data do for you?” and outlined what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to turning data into value. There are simple steps involved in this and they’re quite easy to follow, here are the slides which explain what’s involved. I did run a live demo for the first time in a while and my luck was in - it worked like a dream.

We also had Alannah Cooke from Glantus, who explained why it’s important not to take all data visualisations at face value and provide some great examples of “fake news” in action.

Alannah Cooke (Glantus)
Final Thoughts

In summary, this event is fast becoming one of the highlights on the Business and Technology calendar for companies in Ireland and abroad. If you have not attended in the past, you may have missed out but there are lots of online videos and collateral available from that may be useful to you.

Hopefully I’ll see you there next year.

Joe Keating

Glantus Chief Data Officer

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