Aug 13 2020

WEBINAR: Driving Revenue and Reducing Overheads Through Automation


How much of a recruiter’s job can a robot do?

Being a successful recruiter is no easy feat. A recruiter must balance candidate, client, business development and current roles simultaneously. Amongst this there are a series of low and high value tasks that all have to be completed in a harmonious order, that does not take away from the end goal of placing a candidate. The adoption of tech in recruitment over the last 5 years has assisted in these day-to-day tasks to iron out bottlenecks, streamline processes and allow recruiters to devote more time to the "right" activities.

During this webinar we focused on how automation can help reallocate a recruiter’s time to focus on high value business closing activity. We looked at how to eliminate low value tasks which are repetitive, high volume and systematic by applying automation and robot desktop assistants. Taking a look at the back office, we explored how to keep headcount low while enabling current employees to do more- with the same amount of time and overheads.

During this session we:

  • Looked at different types of automation in recruitment - Back office to Robot assistants on your Desktop
  • Looked at how to measure the ROI of automating tasks - is it worth it?
  • Demonstrated Robots doing a recruiter’s job
  • Discussed the top tasks to automate for a recruitment firm, based on size

Click on the link below to gain access to the recording of this event:

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