Jan 27 2020

Analytics Institute 2020

Joe Keating, CDO at Glantus will speak at the Analytics Institute Inspire Event on Practical Applications of AI and Machine Learning.

The event will be held on 12 February at EY’s office in Cork. Joe will speak based on direct experience with intelligent automation.

  • Workplace AI, who’s benefiting from it and what drove the implementation?
  • How to identify the best place to start with AI at your organisation?
  • Some local examples of AI making a big impact in a business, quickly and quietly with projects at First Ireland and MIG

The most common example of technology that's driving AI adoption is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This technology enables any of the basic, repetitive tasks carried out in a digital environment to be effectively assigned to a Robot (or Co-bot), which will carry out the task with 100% accuracy, every time.

Intelligent automation is not complicated, it can be applied in days and provides an immediate return. All you need to do is target your business pain-points - to free up time and resources - with minimal disruption. Finance, Marketing and Operations across the board benefit from automation taking on the leg work, the only decision to make, is where to start!

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