May 27 2020

Preston College

Preston’s College is one of the largest Further Education (FE) colleges in the North West of England. It offers a wide range of technical-vocational subjects for 14-19 learners, together with adult learning, higher education programmes and a growing number of apprenticeships.

One of the main drivers for using Active Dashboards was to ensure that Preston’s College has a clear, single view of learner application and attendance rates. This enables the college to support enrolment targets and ensure that students are happy with their learning to secure student retention and boost achievement.

Already our attainment, retention and success rates have improved

In the past if someone wanted an attendance report, they had to request it, we would run it and by the time they received it the data would be out of date and perhaps not all that relevant. You would undoubtedly also need to twin it with an Excel spreadsheet or two. Now, anyone can access a dashboard and find exactly which data they need at the click of a mouse. And best of all, it’s all live data.

We liked the way the dashboards could integrate any data source

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