Jun 26 2020

McCarthy Insurance Group

Founded in Fermoy in 1952, McCarthy Insurance Group (MIG) are one of Ireland’s largest impartial insurance brokers, with 14 branches and over 200 staff.

MIG spotted that many of their own internal processes were good candidates for automation: one key issue existed in the payment handling area of the business. For manual payment entries, over 10% of transactions were suffering from human error, duplicate entries and misalignment with the company’s CRM. The cost to the business was huge - 14-man hours a day were being committed to resolving these errors across several of the company’s branches.

The initial project was an enormous success, instantly slashing the time spent on manual tasks by over 90%. Payment processing errors were virtually eliminated in the pilot branch. The decision was then taken to expand the use of RPA into further processes within the same branch, later being deployed across the wider organisation.

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