May 19 2020

Dennison Commercials

Dennison Commercials Ltd needed to process and store between 12,000-14,000 purchase invoices per year within the Volvo franchise for parts for sale, services and insurance. Matching invoices received in a variety of digital and paper formats, as well as housing them in one location, were the major challenges.

Using Adest by Glantus, Dennison’s purchase invoices are automatically captured both in hardcopy and softcopy and then immediately managed through the finance department’s processes. The aim was to significantly reduce manual work, reduce total processing time, and lower the cost for supplier handling. Adest automatically imports straight into the capture software all invoices attached to email, detecting any format (including PDF, TIF, and PNG). The benefit for Dennisons was the creation of a unified email inbox for all invoices, slashing costs and boosting efficiency.

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