May 25 2020


For recruiters, the speed with which they gather and analyse data gives them the edge

Access to and analysis of the right, real-time data can make the difference between a good and bad decision during the complete recruitment process. With five years’ experience of using a dashboard system, Aspire was therefore ahead of many of its competitors. However, there were still limitations to its existing set up and it knew it could do better.

As we couldn’t get our company’s global revenue reporting to compile with our old recruitment dashboard solution, we were still reliant on spreadsheets in this area. This affected us in several ways. Not only did it prevent quick access to the right information which led to a lack of insight, impacting our decision making, but we couldn’t compare data from disparate sources either.

Importantly for a multi-site organization like ours, Active Dashboards provided the ability to draw information simultaneously from multiple sources to identify opportunities and flag up any issues

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