Glantus will take care of your entire loyalty and data roles

Glantus has coupon redemption, promotions and analysis in the bag

Massive data leads to fantastic insights

See customer loyalty and behaviour in real time: Link relevant systems and databases without disruption, powered by our real-time data streaming technology.

Glantus puts you in the picture

React and measure at the same speed as online competitors, and the biggest players in the industry. Our world-class predictive analytics tools are easier to deploy and use than you think.

Glantus in action on the shop floor

Instant information

Glantus brings all of your data together instantly and in real time from all of your different sources, live and legacy, so you can see what’s happening in dashboards.

Online reactions

As transactions happen Glantus will tell you what is happening and why which means you can adjust strategies and promotions on the fly in real time just like an online business.

Know your customer

The holy grail for all retailers is getting to know your customer and Glantus will help you do that better, faster and more accurately than any other system in the industry.

Agile Transformation

Key to transformation is unlocking the existing data in your business. The Glantus Platform brings robotic automation to customer facing processes in an agile way.