Glantus End of Life Policy

Glantus Ireland Limited (Glantus) are required periodically to initiate an End-Of-Life Process for a given Licensed Software Product.

The End-Of-Life Process results from either a replacement product becoming available with new features and functionality or, due to technology incompatibility and advancement, the Glantus product subsequently becomes obsolete.

The End-Of-Life Process ensures Glantus customers can manage required changes in business practice that may occur through the discontinuance of a specific Glantus software product, related products and/or technologies.

END OF LIFE PROCESS – Adest Silverlight Web

(Notice Issue Date: 10th November 2020)

The End-Of-Life Process for the Adest Silverlight Web software product is now being initiated. Microsoft Silverlight will reach the end of support on October 12, 2021.

Silverlight development framework is currently only supported on Internet Explorer 10 and Internet Explorer 11, with support for Internet Explorer 10 ending on January 31, 2020. There is no longer support for Chrome, Firefox, or any browser using the Mac operating system. After 12th October, 2021, Silverlight will be in an unsupported state and will not receive any future quality or security updates. There is a recommendation migration for all Glantus customers and Glantus are recommending customers to upgrade to the latest HTML5 version to future proof the solution in advance of the Silverlight changes.

The definitions (below) and time lines are intended to give a clear understanding of the Adest Silverlight Web End-Of-Life Process and to give customers the notification required to prepare for the product changes.

END OF LIFE PROCESS – Adest Version 4

(Notice Issue Date: 13th June 2017)

The End-Of-Life Process for the Adest Version Four (V4) software product is now being initiated.

The following definitions and time lines are intended to give a clear understanding of the Adest V4 End-Of-Life Process and to give customers the notification required to prepare for the product changes.


“Licensed Software Product”: Means the named software product(s) or technology or module(s) licensed to an end user (company).

“End-Of-Life”: The specific version of Licensed Software Product is no longer sold, licensed, improved, repaired, maintained, or supported. Such products identified as End-Of-Life shall be listed on the “End-Of-Life Table” along with “End-Of-Life Date” attached to the formal notification to be issued in writing to affected customers.

Note: End-Of-Life should not be interpreted as the discontinuance of any existing Glantus agreement. Services for the existing product base will continue to be provided as per existing contract terms.

“Case”: Means customer contact via phone or online submission to report a software issue where Glantus have logged the request for assistance and assigned a ticket identification number within the support ticket tracking system.

“Full Helpdesk Support Period”: The period by which the Glantus helpdesk and customer support staff will provide standard support for a reported Case. In this period all defects reported for possible future release (subject to defect severity) and all feature requests reported for consideration in subsequent final product releases due prior to the commencement of Partial Support Period.

“Partial Support Period”: Prior to the End-Of-Life Date, Glantus will address reported Cases that represent critical defects only (subject to defect severity and excluding issues arising as a result of third party applications, e.g. Operating Systems, Add-ons, etc) by provisioning certain service packs (not upgrades) to minimize downtime through non-conformance of product during the end of life process transition. Unless otherwise specified this wind down period is Thirteen (13) months.

“End-Of-Support-Life”: The date Glantus ceases providing partial helpdesk support under the terms of the Partial Support Period for the Licensed Software Product identified as End-Of-Life. The End-Of-Support-Life applies regardless of the severity level of the issue for which support services are requested, and regardless of the maintenance and service plan purchased by the customer. Once the End-Of-Support-Life has been reached, the applicable Licensed Software Product is not improved, repaired or maintained and shall only be supported thereafter for a limited period under the terms of Limited Helpdesk Support.

“Limited Helpdesk Support Period”: Following the End-Of-Support-Life date Glantus reserve the right to, where possible and where a support contact remains in place with the licensed customer, continue to offer very limited helpdesk support for a period of 6 months (unless otherwise stated). During this period, Glantus will continue to answer questions and assist customers with the transition to the replacement product line(s) only. Customers will not be entitled to submit bugs or receive service packs from Glantus. However, at Glantus’ sole discretion, we may elect to resolve legacy open Cases for the Licensed Software Product that have reached EOSL. In such instances, the solution may involve recommending procurement of a new Licensed Software Product or the acquisition of a different third party product. Please note that, as a general rule, we will also cease to continue to provide online access to our Knowledge Base Sites and accompanying documentation for Licensed Software Products post End-Of-Support-Life.


Glantus may update, revise, supplement, modify, or amend this End-Of-Life Process at any time. Any updates, revisions, supplements, modifications, or amendments are effective immediately upon posting on Glantus’s site and will only be applicable to disputes arising, or arising out of events occurring, after such posting has been made. The terms contained herein are subject to any written agreement you have with Glantus and this End-Of-Life Process is subject to, and governed by, the terms of any such written agreement you have entered into with Glantus. In the case of a conflict between the terms of this End-Of-Life Process and the terms of any other written agreements with Glantus, the terms of the other written agreements shall control.