Managing Spend and Keeping Your Business Functional

During Adversity, Glantus ensures remote working does not disrupt the finance function

Glantus removes over 70% of manual invoice processing instantly and enables end-to-end spend management

Deploy Remotely - Within Days

Working from home is, in the short term at least, now the norm. Remove the need for onsite solution deployment and see the results working by your next month-end! Empower your finance team to deliver remote success now.

Managing Spend when resources are limited

When challenging times mean limited or no spend is available, Glantus keeps the wheels turning - enabling key workers to deliver success. Transport, Logistics and Distribution companies trust us to keep business continuity and financial operations moving smoothly, removing costly errors.

Here’s where Glantus deliver value


Streamlining your end to end Accounts Payable process, by reducing the processing costs associated with raising orders and processing invoices.

Glantus P2P Solution

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Connect your AP data today to recover working capital and deliver on your efficiency goals.