Compliance involves not only knowing and understanding the legislation that applies to our organisation, but also being able to demonstrate that our business and its entities are compliant.

At Glantus, we have a robust compliance process. We are independently audited annually - achieving, and maintaining the highest industry standards in Privacy, Cyber Security, Data Protection and Quality for our global business operations.

Having policies and procedures in place around legislation and retaining evidence, demonstrates that the right people are taking responsibility. It is our highest priority to protect our people, customers, shareholders, and our business.

Our Legal and Compliance department ensures that Glantus always complies with governance, risk management, laws, and regulations. It supports all areas of our business in building processes, assessing risks, and making decisions so that the business remains up to date.

The team establishes policies, key operating procedures, and training programmes to help our people confidently make the quick decisions that are needed in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment, on a global basis. 

Should you require further information please contact or see our information sections within these Legal and Compliance pages.

Paula Nolan, Chief Compliance Officer, Glantus