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Unite all your Data and Reveal its Hidden Value on One Integrated Platform

accounts payable automation solution

Purchase-to-Payment (P2P) Automation

Automate your manual processing from purchase to payment.

data integration Avido Transform

Data Analytics

Turning Data Into Actionable and Intelligent Business Insights.

Business intelligence solutions

Business Intelligence Tool

Get valuable business insights in real-time across multiple devices.


Intelligent Business Insights, Data Analytics & Finance Process Automation

Glantus remove the barriers to enable you to analyze, process and visualize – putting data to work in your organization, transforming business operations and gaining new insights into business data.

Glantus are delighted to announce the acquisition of Hedgehog Analytics and the opening of our Glantus US office on Park Avenue! 

Pictured: Lee Medoff, Chief Analytics Officer at Glantus Group and Maurice Healy, CEO at Glantus Group

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