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Purchase-to-Pay Automated by Month End


Purchase Order (PO) Requisitions to Invoice Payment does not need to be a manual, paper-intensive process that costs too much and takes too long. Critical data is often not captured and reporting is not timely.

Automating the vast majority of the Accounts Payable (AP) process frees up your finance professionals to work on more important issues.


Adest AP interfaces with any ERP system. Our unique platform accelerates the time it takes to fully migrate from a manual to digitised AP. With over 300 installations, our time to deploy is one of the lowest in the industry meaning you see benefits within days, not months.


Control over procurement gives you visibility on your spend and potential liabilities enabling you to gain real time insight and control. Adest PO enables real cost savings from your pre-order process, while building better supplier relations post order.


Supplier invoices received by email, post or digitally are automatically read and indexed intelligently by the powerful P2P Capture Engine. Every invoice is filed and processed instantly based on your custom requirements so any discrepancies can be resolved quickly.


Our P2P platform can match, register, assign for approval and then post each accurate invoice to your ERP or financial system. The dynamic workflow module of the platform provides immediate, real-time status updates on every stage of the process from receipt to payment.


A real-time view of your entire AP process becomes possible via immediately accessible extensive dashboard reporting of your purchasing and invoice exception reports. This level of visibility both ensures you control timely reporting on key financial metrics such as accruals, bottlenecks, payments, cash flow, GL coding, forecast planning, etc enables the finance team to focus on value-added work.


Bolt on our Avido Business Intelligence tool to get real-time insights on all your business process. Connect data from front of house operations with back of house functions giving you an accurate picture to enable you focus on how best to achieve your business growth plan.

Glantus can also provide a specialist P2P solution for Sage 200 users. Find out more about Adest AP for Sage 200 here.


“For a relatively modest outlay the savings have been huge. In fact, I don’t regard what we spent as capital expenditure — rather I look on it as relatively little money spent to do the job a lot better.”

Steve Brown, Finance Director, Marbank Construction

“We no longer see bottlenecks, the system is quicker to manage and more accurate.
Now the team can be deployed to resolve problems rather than pushing paper.”

Sean Dunne, Financial Controller, MicroWarehouse Ireland

“With the invoices under control and coded correctly it has now become the role of just one person to maintain the purchase ledger because we are no longer having to take time to file invoices.”

Iain McKinney, Financial Controller, Dennison Commercials


Glantus Adest Paddy Power

Paddy Power

Our Purchase to Pay solution transformed Paddy Power’s accounts department, saving time and making internal resources more cost-effective.

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Glantus Adest Marbank Construction

Marbank Construction Ltd

Marbank Construction makes savings of up to £60,000 a year thanks to our Purchase to Pay solution.

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Glantus Adest London Metal Exchange

London Metal Exchange

Automation has provided the LME with the capacity to grow the business, increasing staff from 120 to over 300.

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